Paradigms - Challenge them!


Challenge the paradigms and your chance for success is more. This article is meant for people who are willing to step out of the ordinary. Tossed in every conversation, entrepreneurship continues to be the real challenge to overcome economic downturns and social complacency.

An enterprise becomes effective in its ability to deliver what it promises. Continually time after time. And expand in capacity and profitability without the traditional increase in costs. To achieve this one must get out of the ordinary thought tracks and ready oneself to challenge paradigms if not subvert them!

Any and all entrepreneurs have had one thing in common. They were nonetheless risk takers. They knew that all opportunities came wrapped with a ribbon of risk. Challenge is to either walk around the opportunity or open it upfront with courage. As the name of this website suggests its always your leg or mine! Either you sink or you float and survive – this has been the practice of enterprises and entrepreneurs so far. There has been scant thought contributed to plans for success by design.

Probably months and even years may be necessary before you put your plan into action. Use this period to go through a process of educating yourself. 'Playing on paper' helps prevent a lot of disasters on the field. You could use sensationally exciting computer simulations on how your outfit will perform by submitting as much information as possible and let the computer program figure outcomes. Much said than done, people and enterprises suffer from inadequate research and simulation exercise. There are plenty of simulation software starting with Excel!

Having a better than vague idea of the End Thing helps. As commonly observed, everything starts with an idea. Traditionally it's been rare for thinkers and inventors to share thier ideas with others. They preferred to carry on with their tasks in stealth. Uncharacteristic and unknown to common practice, they invited much criticism and blasphemy from established value systems in vogue.

Times changed but the 'block' mentality still remains in many among societies. The age of the accidental discoveries seems to be passing giving way to focused determined research. Although idea generation credits may go to individuals, team effort certainly brings in more brains and motivation. Success is now more of an outcome from planned strategy than a blind sweep. Success has now more scope in 'long tail' scenarios than previously thought of.

Living in an age swamped and surrounded with information and knowledge, the call for entrepreneurs cannot be more alluring than now! We say everyone knows something about something. We have tools at hand to work on this epithet here and now. The page you are reading now is also the door to a zillion opportunities beckoning you to action.

The very domains of Information and Knowledge have become fertile grounds for enterpreneurial activity. There are success points for those who can combine the two effectively to create new paradigms. Very often information is mistaken for knowledge! Roughly information is statistics that is the outcome of knowledge or fodder for seeking fresh knowledge. One complements the other.

The age of the physical product has long since given way to that of the intellectual variety. Internet being the accepted benchmark for information and knowledge updation, it also is the beckoning lamp for the aspiring entrepreneur. Without the traditional traps. You are free to think, you are free to express within bounds of social decency, essentially you are free to dream!

Have brains and motivation, (BAM) you are on your way to your enterpreneurial journey and well, to a great measure – success. Add patience and tenacity to the mixture, you will certainly get there. Paradigms, as mountains, are there to be climbed and conquered!

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