More Interesting Ways You Can Become Famous By Morning

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by Mark Lewis

Now tell me, how's the search going? Have you invented for yourself an identity, a persona? Do you have a public face that will attract the attention you desire?

If the last eleven ideas haven't helped you come up with something, then maybe this next six will help.

But before you go there have you prepared yourself? Are you ready for what can come with fame and can you sustain the attention long enough to make it worth your while?

Do you have the ability to collect names and email addresses of fans or prospects? Do you have a follow-up plan, a back-end product or a sell-out idea?

This can be the next phase of your plan after the 'wacky' idea is conceived.

Now what else did Joe Vitale, master internet marketing guru, have to say about self-promotion?

We've already discussed eleven, here are the final six:

12. Invent a quiz - Make it a quiz about something topical, someone unusual or something funny. Everyone likes taking quizzes.

13. Find a new use for a product - People are comfortable with products they are familiar with. So if you can come up with a new way to use an old product, that's news.

14. Run for office - Whether you're serious or doing it for a joke, wanting to bring attention to an issue or just in it for the publicity, running for office is a surefire way to get noticed. That's how Donald Trump got known outside New York.

15. Go green for the environment - Environmental issues are big news in today's society. So becoming an environmental crusader can get you noticed and make you feel good about it at the same time.

16. Form an organization - Once again, take the norm and apply a twist. An 'off-beat' organization can make the news.

17. Ask the media what they are looking for - Make a friend in the media and ask them what kinds of people, types of stories or issues they will promote as news.

There you have it, the final six of seventeen. By no means the be all and end all of ways to promote yourself, but it's a place to start.

Whether you're selling yourself or selling a product you are in the same business. You are now in the business of marketing. So make a plan and plan to succeed and next thing you'll know you'll be famous by morning!


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