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Love personified as Mother of Bliss

Kerala, India

Salutations to Thee, salutations to Thee, salutations to Thee the Divine Mother whose love pervades the universe as mother of all beings.

The prayer line makes the mother’s love obvious. The Mother manifests as the creator of all beings of the universe. Pondering for a moment, we can see that Ma meaning mother is the very word we utter as we enter the world untutored or unprompted by anyone! It comes so naturally to all.Is it not a fact that all the pristine qualities of the divine is in the Mother’s being? Who else but the mother’s mind can incorporate all that is pure and loving?

All the synonyms cannot echo the mother’s love,The mere mention of Mother sends waves of ecstatic love through our being.

Naturally we are to surrender everything at the mother’s feet being bathed in the language of love. But our minds are always as restless as the ocean’s waves, busy as we are in the rat race to procure, acquire riches and more objects of the world. Our minds have become devoid of the capacity to love and to focus on anything as they have become crowded with avarice and frustration all the time. The modern day luxurious lifestyles have dried up our innate resources of love replacing them with artificial founts created from the need to simply attract people towards us with crafty feelings of appeasement but arising out of jealousy, selfishness and hatred. We have cooked up a false face of love in order for us to fulfill our often nefarious ends. There is no more love for love’s sake, or toil for its own sake.

To toil you have the right,
But not for fruits thereof.
Do not ever seek wages for your toil,
Nor ye turn down when duty calls.

Thus said the Lord in the Bhagavad Gita extolling the virtue of good karma and the stupidity of turning away from true calls for dharmic duty. While a householder (grhastha) cannot overlook his duty and responsibility towards family and society, he can channel his karma along the lines laid down in the Gita, that is, perform his karma strictly following dharmic or virtuous tenets. If one discharges his duty not focusing on the outcome but directing all his attention (Shraddha) on the job at hand, the effort or the circumstances in which it is carried out will not taint the action itself.

He will come out of the episode stainless and pure. Who are those performing karma along dharmic lines theses days? Who are those who perform selfless karma? No one has time for these things. All for me and the devil take the hindmost – is unfortunately what drives folks to work!

Let us look at the world with a more expansive outlook. Everyone’s life touches mine too – can be a good visualizing hint. Only those minds filled with true love can bring forth such sentiment. Such minds should be channeled towards straightforward righteous thoughts. Try to see God in everything. Find goodness everywhere. Envisage everywhere is filled with divinity! The entire world is made of God and made by God, proclaimed the Upanishad. In such a condition how can one reject and opt another? Of this, the Isha Upanishad teaches with clarity – primordial Divinity is within and without everything, it is so near yet so far! In line with the declaration we have no alternative but to annihilate all traces of individual ego and understand and assimilate the truth of the universal mother as nature (prakrti) herself. Once this unity is understood how can we sort relationships between my children, my parents, my spouse and so on! Still we go on claiming petty selfish ownership over a common property which is the whole Universe!

Ayam nija: parōvéti
gaņanaa laghuchaetasaam
udāracharitānām tu
vasudhaiva kutumbakam

(epithets such as he, you, other are those that smack of narrowmindedness;but for the really expansive and generous, the planet is one family)

Devoid of true love that embraces the universe and all its beings, we grope to find answers but jealousy, avarice and hatred and such base instincts cloud our vision and we act and behave in our own narrow ways. If our minds are to discover its true super conscious realms, true love should make itself available somehow. But soon we will realize that only a mind like that of a Universal Mother can be privy to such quality! The mother has nothing to hold back as she loves her children. Such love flows like a glacier engulfing all that it touches. Everything that comes under its wholesome influence melts and affords a sublime experience. Moments such as those coveted by many will help one merge with universal motherly love and would bring torrential tears of bliss down our cheeks. In such pure moments there is no want or care. In those moments of immortal bliss one would realise that there is in fact no need to beg of anything from an all-knowing Mother! They are by default granted!

Unasked She would certainly grant our needs and requirements in timely fashion. The only condition for the drama to unfold is that our own minds and hearts must be the pure and fitting vessels to receive such Universal Love. Love does not discriminate between large and small, petty or grand. A mind with equipoise would see no differences in a world filled with love.

India has a tradition of glorious riches down the ages. We should not be enthusiastic over actions in just the beginning but we must follow through stopping not till the sublime objectives are reached. In order to achieve a sense of direction, we should practice to dedicate actions or karma integrating them in a divine perspective and aligning actions in ways that can benefit all society. We should not forget that we are by legacy the proud heirs of a tradition which holds virtue in action at its highest. So as the day comes to a close it is good to spend some moments in quiet retrospection and recap:

Dear God, this day have I succeeded in rendering selfless service to Thee? Have I been able to discharge my duties upholding virtue, be it to my family and society at large? For such thoughts to emerge as prayers one must have a sincere, pure and loving mind and heart. It is certainly possible for a God-filled mind to blossom into a state which can achieve heights of selfless dedication!

To those multitudes of restless burning souls crying for peace and to those who seek the nectar of divine bliss and to mature our minds to a state of unity that does not discriminate between friend and foe among all the world’s beings, I offer my peaceful prayers and benediction to the Divine Mother the embodiment Truth Absolute!

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