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Why we end up in the wrong job ?


Rajit Nair

State of the Art Consulting

Monday September 14, 2009

When I asked this question to many recruiters, they said, “Because very few job seekers seek the assistance of a professional career/job counselor”. Is it true? Then I have a question. Do we have qualified career counselors in India? Or we should blame our parents who script our future? Or should be blame our education system? No, No, if we sit and find reasons, this blog will go into folios.

More importantly, our fresh graduates or degree holders don’t have proper guidance to choose a most suitable career for them. This is unfortunate. Even after the toiling 15 – 17 years in schools and universities our children are not mentally equipped to take the right decision. Some are lucky to ‘follow their dreams”.

How many of our MBAs and professionals (not doctors and engineers, as these careers are already embedded in the ‘gene’ from the day our kids are sent to school) can say with honesty that they found their dream job or at least they are in the right track of reaching their dream destination? Not many, because there is no true or genuine avenues from where our job seekers can get a full session of career counseling. All counselors I know (at least) have their own targets and ‘hidden agenda’ to cross sell their affiliates or their courses. Do you expect our children will get a quality advice from such ends? I believe that a career counseling cannot be done just by sitting with the aspirant for an hour or so and just having a look at his/her mark sheets. Proper counseling should be done based on series of screening tests and assessments and it may take 3-4 sessions or sittings.

Sometimes we end up taking up a job due to desperation, or due to other pressures. This situation I have witnessed among the job seekers in the Gulf Countries. I personally know a gold medallist Mechanical Engineer working as an Admin Assistant in a trading company selling cosmetics. The person was forced to take up any employment due to his financial situation and also he was under the mercy of a friend for the day-to-day living while in a foreign land during the search. His primary objective was to ‘western union’ the money (lion-share of his meager salary) like millions of other expatriates to his family. The secondary objective was just to free his friend’s burden as he has to support his family as well.

Some people just don’t bother to pursue their dream, even though they have the potential and the time at their disposal. One of my best friends is employed as a secretary for more than 10 years and without any change in his salary, job title and work environment. He stopped upgrading himself and settled for that job till now. In this case, attitude is the culprit.

I have witnessed that few job seekers forge their CV/resumes based on the job advertisement. This is suicidal. You can fool a recruiter through a well ‘crafted’ CV / Resume. You can even impress an interviewer by doing some homework as well, if lady luck is with you. But when it comes to reality, it is very easy to get exposed, if you lack the know-how to handle a situation, which demands experience rather textbook or Internet knowledge.

So to find the right job, you need to have a dream, then a passion to fuel your actions to take you there. Always listen to your inner voice. Also, you need to constantly get updated from all sources about your dream destination; you should be the judge to refine the data you have collected as people have the tendency to exaggerate. Of course you need to be lucky as well!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BG, Trichur, Kerala, India:

Congratulations on airing your views on so current a topic and so timely a nudge. We would certainly not want anyone to go hungry without a job!

But the letters J O B has also taken new meanings as an anagram, to mean "Joker Of Boss". Some one who wags his tail as the boss shouts "Sit" "Stand" "Kneel" "Eat" and so on!

Challenge is to let the aspirants be aware that job-seeking is not the end and aim entirely in life as much as make them open to the world of opportunities outside the narrow ambit of a 9 - 5 hand to mouth feed-pot.

The theory "everyone knows something about something" is very valid today. Challenge is to help discover that "something" in those who are yet to be aware of the very existence of the great resources you referred thinly as the "inner voice".

I agree with you that counseling is a must for people who truly are aspirants and not just automatons. Prequalification I think is the norm for any entry to day, is it not?

Help with goal identification is also key to the over all success of the aspirant and I believe Total Freedom is the goal anyone should be aligned with. There can be no hidden agendas for this one as a counselor should be acting exclusively for the aspirant's welfare and not be proxy to anyone else lurking behind!

Anyone, especially Indians who graduate from the KG-12 education system should be able to successfully manage and control more than one income generating activity anywhere anytime!

What better tool than the Internet, the largest network in the world today than to entrain and be part of the ever expanding highway of opportunities!

Knowing full well the perils of the medium, the counselor's agenda should weigh in higher values too!

  • Help people with change management
  • Carry people through the "humps"
  • Help people manage initial success bursts
  • Give true unbiased financial advice
  • Explain what true Leverage means

I guess the one challenge crying for attention for all success seekers is to understand the meaning and power of Leverage beyond its known spectra of definitions. Understanding acquired leverage and garrisoning the skills and knowledge to apply Leverage will be the key to success in the present and the Future.

Thank you Bal for your comments. Your closing statement sums up. thank you, Rajit Nair

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ravindran, Kochi, Kerala, India

A hungry man had a passion to eat a Passion Fruit. There were only Apples and Oranges. He searched everywhere, but he could not find what he wanted. He was very tired and hungry by then, and has to devour the first available fruit he could get on hand. Is it not the way things are going on the job seeking front? Do people have lot of choice? Rajit, you are right, an unbiased consultant can really set one in the right path.

Talking about dreams, I cannot imagine a golden cage – freedom is the first priority - Personal and Financial. If required, one needs to change his or her mindset. Unfortunately the majority are not financially intelligent. They are molded to be some type of employee. This is a result of our education system and the way they are brought up. Those who think out of the box – who has taken the courage to think of True Leverage as BG put it – can only manifest Freedom. One needs to learn a lot on these subjects, which normally no one learns in the school.

Rajit: Raviji, Thanks for your meaningful comments.

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