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Business Success at Home!


Home based business. Success and a source of income for retired people. Extra paycheck for those who can spare as little as half an hour a day. The Internet now holds more promise for all these to come true. This article may open the doors to make it happen.

Everyone knows something about something. There is no limit to human imagination. You can visualize a subject or more than one area of expertise or even casual interest and gradually build a serious or even a hilarious theme around them.

For just one instance, imagine the treasures in India's own scriptures and purāṇās. Millions of pages of serious literature and sublime thought came down to us from fertile minds rich with imagination. Very many of those, incidentally have been, transcribed or scanned and published on the Internet for all the world to see and read. For thousands of years people never got tired of writing treatise after lenghthy treatise on the great epics and upanishads.

Shankara to Sukumar Azhikode have written their own versions of the eternal aphorism “Thattwam Asi” and the powerful phrase continue to hold its eternal attraction to spiritual seekers of the end and aim of our very existence! So much has been written about just one aspect of a great philosophy based on the small but pregnant phrase! But imagine the tedium of the times gone by just to record their valuable thoughts to whatever medium was prevalent then! Think of the great story tellers Kalidas of yore to Khushwant Singh, so few but just figure out the multitudes of them at our times, now armed with instant publishing at hand!

And what more the present times offer as solutions. You can directly speak to a microphone and have your thought, words, speech transcribed into computer memory. Simplicity? Oh Yes, there you have it right at your fingertips. Move the cursor to the Start button, type speech recognition, there you have it. A menu of options in a few easy steps anyone can read, understand and immediately try out!

Imagine the thinker's opportunities now and contrast it to those heavenly days when bliss was in that dawn (just) to be alive! Millions have instant access to what I write now and millions more sign up on the Internet every day! I am no man of letters nor a poet, but as a responsible citizen journalist (meaning just that – someone who discovered the joy of writing a journal) and no further, imagine the possibilities now before you!

While saluting those magnificent minds whose words were beacon to the parched souls then and now, we have to also continue to congratulate those great men and women who have done and are at the job of translating, transcribing, transliterating, scanning the manuscripts, archiving, commenting and criticizing those epoch making men and their epics.

It is said the history of mankind is the biographies of great men (and women). What better times than now, to sit down putting on your thinking cap as it were, and immediately get to work, polish it , and lo!, publish it. To the world! All in the inside of an hour!

Solo Build It!

The costs continue to come down as quantity of users continue to drive demand up and up. As quantity climbs, bandwidth of communication too is on the rise. Emerging technologies fortunately try to keep pace with the creative mind, in Bill Gate's words “@ the speed of thought”.


For eons the world has been the playground for the good, the bad and the ugly. The same goes for the new medium, bet you know too! While approximate statistics speak of professionals such as medics and architects make one half of the major chunk of users, the other half is the regular beat of people with not so lofty intent. Needless to further mention, the pages you are reading now are safeguarded by two types of scouts. The author and owner of the website is duty bound by a digitally signed pledge that this precinct will keep anything 'infra dig' out of bounds. On the other hand, the wonderful team of people at the web host's make sure that they keep their fronts and backs covered against the lowlifes.

A huge library of useful information awaits you as you visit their rich website. The hosting service founded by a medical doctor specialized in trauma management is now a legend in letting a lot of people like me (and probably you) find new freedom of expression and Freedom itself!

One may say freedom is not free. It does carry with it the great responsibility and duty of upholding the truth, helping the needy, educating everyone without any barrier, the list can go on for ever. The icing on the cake is the cost to carry out all these! It costs, in fact, next to nothing! At last, here is the space you wanted to voice your views. The medium you want to convey your informative knowledge of anything and everything that might be picked up by anyone or perchance, many who find the knowledge and / or information useful to him or anyone s/he knows.

What we spoke of so far comes under the now common category of people called Infopreneurs. Just one Internet segment very miniscule stats-wise! Anyone who knows something that anyone else can benefit from. In the very least, it gives you an opportunity, costwise under a dollar a day to completely engage you to your heart's content in activity you consider only you can excel.

Are there hurdles to cross?

You do not have to be able to write an epitome on English weather. The guru-in-your-ear coaching makes the lessons a breeze. The language they use and the language they encourage you to use is simple, brief, devoid of pomp and pedagogy.

The author found the only hurdle to cross to be of his own manufacture. Call it the writer's block or the mouse-wrist syndrome, in short, a procession of excuses to keep off the computer keyboard. But time has proved, along with the gentlest possible push from the web host and its wonderful forum of friendly people that with a little will, your web will weave with a life of its own!

The learn-as-you-go informal coaching gently persuades you to keep adding content to your mind, and then to your website, page after slow page. But as you progress, you come into contact with some great benchmarks they train your sights on. Those special websites make it their business to measure your peformance by more than a parameter.

The objective – to reach the top per centile of the Internet's total. Work-at-home-moms(WAHM), asphalt-laying-equipment salesman, personality coaches, a fourteen year old girl with an imaginative mind and even a part time juggler are some of the people who made it big with just words on the web. All of them had two things in common. BAM, brain and motivation. That you are reading this, having logged on to the web somewhere; and the fact that you are able to pace through the browser screens searching and finding what you want in simple English – means you too can join the great new band of entrepreneurs!

Solo Build It!

I welcome your comments

27.06.09. Ankit writes from Chennai, India.

I really highly appreciate what (you) have written because what our elders have done in past, is today benefiting us, But at(the) same time today we have to do something for our future.

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