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Six ways you can become famous by morning!


by Mark Lewis

Can crazy follow a formula? Can you be unusual, different, quirky or just a little bit strange while still following pre-determined rules? Can you be spontaneous while maintaining certain conventions?

Yes you can!

Granted the criteria are a lot narrower than for the rest of society, but in itself being different, you are following rules.

But these are fun rules to follow! Be crazy, be wild, be outrageous! That's how to get noticed.

With that criteria in mind let's hear once again what Joe Vitale, master internet marketing guru, has to say about self promotion.

We've already discussed five, here are the next six:

6. Offer useful tips - Be of service to people. Being genuine and helping others will in turn, help yourself. Call it the 'law of reciprocity'.

7. Create a challenge - The public loves challenges. Whether they want to root for the underdog to help them across the line or they have a morbid curiosity to see if they fail.

8. Generate controversies - Media and the public loves controversies. Oppose a popular view or go against convention and see how quickly you get noticed.

9. Break a record - Recording breaking always attracts news. If you're not a dare-devil there are plenty of 'sedate' records to break.

10. Refer your services or skills to unexpected customers - Be a dog washing clown or a cabaret singing window washer. Once again, take the norm and apply a twist.

11. Make predictions - Nobody cares or will go back and check if they are wrong. Make a prediction (and make yourself up to be a comical guru as you do).

There's another six. Go into a dark room, envelope yourself in the silence and let your inner voice guide you to an answer.

Give your mind a rest, creativity is not its domain. In the stillness and calm of 'non-thinking' is where the solutions are found.

That's eleven ideas so far. We still have six more to talk about which will be explained in the next article.

Be wild, be crazy, be spontaneous (be safe) and next thing you know you'll be famous by morning!


Mark Lewis is the owner of KMS Productions and webmaster at - A site for quality online videos that value the essence of the story. Visit the site to find helpful videos of personal growth and much more.  Author Profile

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