Creativity ! And then came the Oscars

Its nearly a month since the Oscars. India can be proud that she could launch a few of its sons and daughters on the world's stage.Do we see a spurt in Creativity?

This article seeks to discuss the fact that only a very few of the vast populace have been able to taste success in the arts, science sports and tech arenas while the majority still are left to grope! Can Creativity be trained?

Is it possible to find a solution to this anomaly and turn the tides? Is it worthwhile attempting a campaign to promote creativity and brilliance in execution? What ails the ethos of societies in their inability to free from clich├ęs and unshackle themselves into freedom's rapture?

Its time we have made a turnaround in the ways we think. Bias and preconceived notions even bordering on superstition still cling to our ways of thought and action! Remember always the beaten path never led to success. Distractions helped neither.

What we call shraddha in Sanskrit is what Oscar winner Rasool Pookutty stressed when he made an invited appearance at the highly rated Asianet's Star Singer reality show. He said if anyone can apply focus to anything and stay focused for at least (or as long as) ten years, one can be come a world topper!

One should not understate the statement due to the humility at its source, as it comes from a village lad who did not shoot to fame overnight. He had his long innings of apprenticeship and education. One should laud his tenacity to 'stick to the guns' as it were and pursue a career long since considered the bastion of the rich and the savvy.

India should rediscover its basic educational institutions rather reinvent them. In Germany it should be noted that the graduate engineering colleges are much less in number than the highly professionally rated polytechnics. While India still gives undue importance to formal education and vainly promote the so called b - schools, the focus should shift to more basic areas of less formal polytechnics. In the tech savvy West applied knowledge and applied technology is held premium. College degrees and intaglioed certificates supply only scant fuel.

We are not undervaluing general graduate education. We are picking on the specific failure or lack points in a system which so far only seeks to mass produce generalists. The current situation somewhat is an extension of the old MacAulay mandate, a vestige that still supplies servile subservients to 'order givers' elsewhere! Spawning entire caucuses in the name and tinsel type glitter the so called business process outsourcing industry continue to cause more social havocs than help meet the menial bottom line cosmetics of distant cartels. With the recent economic downturn, even the prospects of outsourced 'coolie-work' seems to slide into doldrums.

In short, our educating apparatus in the majority only seeks to promote and provide immediate low-end objectives such as wages to say the least!

Serious consistent campaigns are the sign of the times. Its time we have seen a tide shift. Back to basics plus more focus on the theory AND practice at the learning fields. Let students get the 'look and feel ' of the real world while they are still at school! This is not denying the existing well intended structures such as the NCC, the NSS and the likes. But they 'function' more like subsidy receptacles than talent promoters. Not denying the 'project work' kids have to complete before they qualify, but the sometimes truly original projects done by truly creative minds fail to find supportive limbs to carry them through to the next stages of fruition.

Why not add more zip to those projects concept and allow students to widen their task scope, allowing them to brainstorm with contrasting faculties, allow them to experiment with 'chaos' at least in the labs? Where are the Indian corporates willing to accept apprentices with a difference?Where are the Menons and Mallyas who once sponsored star rated athletes but never followed up since and where are those industrious journalists whose very projects must have been to pursue both success and less than lofty performance and find out the whys? Bring in the limelight where dawn is due! Why not a reality show to seek sports talent in the potentially athlete rich God's Own Country?

Return to the roots once again to rediscover elemental wisdom. Treating the cause rather than nursing the symptoms is the key to understanding a society's continual failure to mass perform. Un-recognised efforts in un-organised sectors of productivity could be one of the causes in failing to notice signs of intelligence in a chaotically tradition-chained landscape.

It has long been a known fact that India has been the Light to the world. India has been the wisdom fount for thousands of years. Looking at the sheer amount of epic wisdom in store with us, it will be true to believe that we made the first man made light since earth's crust cooled after creation with a lower case 'c'.

So much for information and history. But contrast this with the coming only of a very few of the likes of Vivekanandas, Tagores, Ram Mohun Roys, Ramans, even Mohandas Gandhi, the list does not travel very far. We have always habitually compared our successes and failures with the West ad-nauseum. Why compare and contrast with lesser numbers while we can boast the highest numbers in human headcount? But have we given serious thought on what to do with those headcount? Have we seen them in any other light other than classified input to Planning Commission stats? Quantity mistaken for quality. Plenty of quality gone unnoticed in mass quantity counts. Lack of analysis. Lack of attention to mined data.

Mistaking information for knowledge and vice versa.

While the powers that quarrel to govern busy themselves with further classifications, truth gets ignored. Devise means to identify and integrate the two. I mean Knowledge and Information. We do not lack in technology nor tradition nor techniques in analysis and synthesis. We sorely lack in dynamism and synergy. Rediscover our hoary traditions. Reinforce basic values in private and public ethics. Promote and laud integrity. Multiply the sum total of these actions by powers of exponation! Probably we have signs of hope to host an Olympics in Abdul Kalamji's magic year in the years ahead!

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