The Law of Attraction - Learn the Power of your Feelings

by Joaquin Reyes

First, this information has the potential to change your life. Now this can only happen if you apply what you learn. I heard it said before, In order for your life to change, you have to change things in your life. That's the whole truth. You need to change in order to reap the benefits of this information. I learned this information about 10 years ago, when I was eighteen years old. You are probably thinking, well he was young. Yes, you are right.

However I was disciplined and apply the right information I learned. I might sound like I am repeating myself, however is very important to hear this information over and over again. Your goal is to get this information into your subconscious mind. The only way to get information into your subconscious mind, is by repetition.

YOUR FEELINGS - Are a powerful force of attraction. Most speakers and authors talk about the law of attraction and tell you to think about what you want. However most never tell you, the powerful force your feelings bring to the entire process. Let's just say you think about what you want. Now if you are not feeling good when you are thinking about what you want, guess what? you will not attract it. Feeling good when you think about you want, brings faster what you want. When you are feeling good, you are in harmony with the universe.

The universe always is trying to give you want you want. my goal for you is to think about what you want and feel good while you are thinking. This will only speed up the process of the manifestation. Enjoy the process.

To your success,



Joaquin, was able to achieve financial success by age 24. He opened his first company when he was 15. Now, he owns 5 successful companies both brick-n-border and online. Joaquin now focuses on giving back to the community. He teaches others how to achieve financial success.

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