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Law Of Attraction - Attract More With Gratitude


by Joaquin Reyes

Most individuals who are trying to achieve success in business, in their career, their health and many other areas of their life are missing one very important secret. I call let a secret because only a few handful of people know what it is that I am going to tell you.

A great majority of success books talk about attraction and say only focus on what you want. Well I am here to tell you that's only the first step to getting what you want. However their is another powerful force behind just thinking what you want. The powerful missing component is Gratitude.

I am going to breakdown this component by explaining this Powerful secret in different ways. Let's just say you want to attract into your life a raise from your job or more business. So you start the process of casting out your goal, first by thinking about it.

Second, you have to be in a state of gratitude. When you are in a state of gratitude, what you want comes faster. Most people think what they want, which is good. However at the same time, this individuals complaint about what is wrong.

Now I don't know if you know, but when you complaint about things being wrong, you block the manifestation of what you want. The right way is to be in a state of gratitude. Use affirmations of Gratitude. Use the word thank you in your affirmations.

Again when you are grateful, you attract everything you want faster. The universe wants to give you what you want, just be grateful. The law of attraction works wonders when you are grateful.

To your success,



Joaquin, was able to achieve financial success by age 24. He opened his first company when he was 15. Now, he owns 5 successful companies both brick-n-border and online. Joaquin now focuses on giving back to the community. He teaches others how to achieve financial success.

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