LENR - Cold Fusion - The source for clean energy

June 7, 2009. Welcome to Your Leg or Mine – the citizen journalism space. LENR or cold fusion, the emerging contender for sustainable energy source is featured in a major seminar at the University of Missouri.

Scientists are still divided in their enthusiasm in remarks over the latest SuperWave™ experiments. With customary caution they attach conditions while they air their opinions. Given the enormous impact of the new discovery it is clear the scientists naturally seek more and more evidence.

The acronym itself has evolved to mean more. Lattice Enabled Nuclear Reaction for one. Here is another modification for cold fusion – Condensed Matter Nuclear Science!

If proved real with full scientific corroborations, well, as a scientist remarked – Nature may well have lost a secret!

We invite you to more excitement on the subject in the following seminar excerpts sourced through the Rick Kramer Media Service.

Excess Heat Effect Could Become Future Clean Energy Source

According to Rob Duncan, Vice Chancellor of Research Seminar Series at University of Missouri, “It’s simply too convenient to dismiss [cold fusion] as junk science. As scientists, we should go after what we don’t understand.”

Distinguished researchers in the field historically referred to as “Cold Fusion”, or low-energy nuclear reaction, gathered at The University of Missouri to discuss and analyze recent experimental results producing excess heat, the possible origins of these effects and its impact on future research and use. Duncan kicked off the half-day seminar with a presentation showcasing LENR results achieved by New Jersey based Energetics Technologies, in which he stated, “This direct experimental evidence is compelling.” Duncan had visited Energetics’ laboratory in Omer, where he was asked by the CBS News magazine 60 Minutes to determine whether the Energetics’ reports of excess heat were “experimentally defendable”. Duncan told 60 Minutes “They've done something very interesting here…I found that the work done, was carefully done, and that the excess heat, as I see it now, is quite real.” (CBS 60 Minutes: Cold Fusion Is Hot Again – April 19, 2009)

Dr. Michael C.H. McKubre of SRI International presented results of experiments conducted at SRI laboratories utilizing Energetics Technologies’ SuperWave™ Principle. “This wave function can produce very high loadings and very high fluxes at the same time, which is crucial. They have been able to produce very large excess heat effects and very reproducible heat effects.”

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