5 Ways You Can Be Famous by Morning

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by Mark Lewis

Whether you want to become famous, promote yourself, build a business or just be an object of attention, access to mass media in the form of online video can be your greatest asset. But you still need a hook... an angle that will get the viewing public interested in what you have to say or do.

Joe Vitale, master internet marketing guru was asked to come up with a number of ways to promote a business. He came up with seventeen.

Here are the first five:

1. Contests - People love to watch, participate and see the results of contests. If you can come up with a new, unique or different kind of contest you are bound to get noticed or talked about.

2. Awards - Everyone likes to be a part of, win and once again participate in awards of some kind. We like to associate ourselves with winners or be one ourselves. Awards for the worst singer, the messiest room (broadcast on webcam) or most pimped ride are different and once again unique.

3. Surveys - Media loves to quote surveys because they are based on fact. If you can do a survey on an unusual topic like "do you follow the five second rule or the fifteen second rule" (for eating food after being dropped on the floor), that's newsworthy.

4. Trivia - Everybody loves trivia. Once again it's based on fact so it can be newsworthy, but also it can be trivia based on your specific area of interest or business.

5. Tie in with current events - While the public is intrigued with a subject, this is the perfect time to hitch-hike off the publicity. Things like having an election while the presidential race is running or an athletic competition just prior to the Olympics.

That's just the first five. Enough to get you brainstorming and seeing what angle or twist you can apply to have it work for you.

The trick IS to come up with that unusual twist. Meditate on it, ask your kids, think about crazy movies or tv shows, look at headlines in sensational magazines and work from there.

And remember this is just the first five ideas. Joe came up with twelve more which will be explained in further articles.

By thinking outside the box and being different you can get yourself noticed and be famous by morning!


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