Citizen Journalism Comes of Age

Kerala, India

Welcome to Your Leg or Mine! Citizen journalism is fast becoming every man's medium to inform, express views and comments in an instantly interactive format. The graphic at the top is an example of Everyman. Full of confidence yet unaware of the perils that lurk ahead. This could be me, you, or anyone! In other words, it could be your leg or mine! Citizen Journalism gives you the edge.

You have the power to comment on issues that affect communities worldwide, national, local or even hyperlocal. Media such as the Internet, unregulated to a large extent but yet flourishing at the hands of the self-disciplined, gives you an independent platform to express without bias. Done with caution, it promotes motivation, development, entrepreneurship, wisdom and yes, Wealth without the traps.

Civic Media is coming of age. People call it variously as Interactive Media or Interactive Journalism, Civic Journalism or in the context of the Internet, simply C2.

Every way, it signifies a major development in the gathering and distribution of information and news.

Here is the invitation:

  • To all who love to write.
  • All those who love to report.
  • All who love to comment.
  • All who want to contribute content.
  • Click on the Be a Citizen Journalist button on the Navbar.

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Discover the citizen journalist in you! Be a Citizen Journalist and connect with Your Leg or Mine. Thank you!

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